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Tenerife Treasure Hunt

This will be the first Treasure Hunt organised in Tenerife that covers the whole island. It will give you an opportunity to discover places you may not know and rediscover places you haven't seen in a while. All the while helping to support one of our local charities.

Who Is This Helping?

This being the first Treasure hunt in Tenerife we have collaborated with “Happy 2 Help Tenerife” who help local families in need and given what has happened in 2020 with Covid and restrictions I am sure you'll agree they have been a beacon of light for many families during this difficult time.

How Does It Work?

You can participate as an individual or group, collaborate or work alone, it's entirely up to yourself. Once you have entered the Treasure hunt you will be given access to the clues. There's no time limit, no restrictions on when you can hunt for the clues and no limits on how you find the clues. However, the first one to get all the clues will of-course get the first prize.

What Happens To the Entry Fee?

Once you pay to enter the Treasure hunt your entry fee will be paid directly to the chosen charity, in this case that will be Happy 2 Help Tenerife. 100% of all entry fees will be paid directly to the charity.

How Do I Play?

The rules (OUTLINED BELOW) of the game are quite simple: Once your entry fee is paid you will be given access to the clues. You follow each clue to find the treasure. You will be given a WhatsApp number to send a photograph of the treasure to. You simply snap a photo and send it to that number and we will confirm if the photo is indeed the treasure you are hunting or a decoy (yes, there will be decoys).

There will be bonus points too for other items found on the trail so keep your eye out for these.

How do I Claim my Prize?

There will be a number of prizes available (DETAILS TO BE PLACED BELOW). The first team to complete the treasure hunt will of-course get the first prize, the second team to complete will get the 2nd prize and do on. There will be bonus prizes for high scores and bonus treasures that get found too so even if you don't get all the treasure you may still win a bonus prize.

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