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Commercial Services

Commercial services are an important part of having your excursion in front of as many tourists as possible. We ensure that your tour is known, prominent in the salesperson's mind and the first one offered when a customer shows intsrest.

How we help your business grow...


We inform sales agents at each sales point about your tour, it's unique features and of course the benefits to them. We also ensure that we are available to them whenever they have a question about your tour so they know that with one quick phone call a booking can be made or questions answered.


We invite sales agents to participate in your tour each time we see any that have not already done the tour as this way they are much more kowledgeable and enthusiastic about the tour you offer. This makes the product so much easier to sell and their enthusiasm shows when they are describing your tour too.

POS Prominence

As we visit each pont of sale (typically every couple of weeks) we ensure that your tour has promimence at the point of sale and can be seen by any prospective customers.

Sales Incentives

Some tours have incentives such as 1 in every 10 sales is 100% commission. Others might offer a higher commission rate for points that sell more. We ensure that these are relayed to the sales points each time we visit to make sure that your tour has a better chance of being sold.

Know Your Competition

As we also sell excursions so it's actually quite easy for us to identify your competition and help you set your tour apart thus getting more bookings.

We can help you identify your unique selling points (USPs) and push these on your website, through points of sales and receive more bookings.

Our Services

The commercial services we offer fall broadly into 2 categories and with the pricing charts below you can easly calculate the cost to your business:

Order Processing:

We will take calls for you, check availability and book clients onto your tour. We will handle everything from the initial call right up to when the client is on your tour.

POS Management:

We will visit each point of sale (POS) that you want to have your tour displayed and ensure that agents know about your excursion, it's benefits and that the POS has your product prominently displayed.

Order Processing
Sales Per Month: Cost Per Sale:
1-10 10€
11-25 5€
26-50 2.50€
51+ 1.00€
POS Management
POS Visited: Cost Per POS:
1-10 20€
11-25 10€
26-50 5€
51+ 2.50€

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